I’m a Writer & I Mix-up Words All. The. Time.

As a writer, you would think that I could get my words straight, that it would be pretty dang easy. Especially since it wasn’t all too long ago that I was in school, learning your vs you’re. Yet, after all these years I still misspell the simplest of words quite often or get them mixed up with completely different words. Sometimes I catch my spelling errors, other times I let spellcheck do it for me. Prepare for my frustrated rant on the English language and my own shortcomings. haha!

These are the top 3 words (not in order) I mixup or misspell most often when I write:

  1. Know vs. Now. You may be thinking to yourself, “how in the world do you get those mixed up?!” I HAVE NO IDEA. It baffles me. Obviously they don’t mean even close to the same thing. Duh. But as I was writing, just earlier today, I realized I put “know” where I meant “now.” HOW. ugh. I digress.
  2. You’re vs. Your. I was doing some initial self-edits before I sent my book to my beta-readers (BTW I FINISHED MY BOOK = YAY), and I used spell check and…omg…you wouldn’t believe how many times I mixed these up. Embarrassing. BUT at least I caught them before I sent out the beta copy. *nervous laughter*
  3. Its vs. It’s. Okay this one has haunted me for years. I CAN’T SEEM TO REMEMBER. Like, how confusing is that, one second an apostrophe means you own something and the next second it means “it is”. WUT. Again, thankful for spellcheck.
    1. BONUS WORDS: License. This word is stupid. Is it licsence. Is it lisence? Nope. It’s nothing what you think. But honestly, I hardly ever use this word in my writing. It just annoys me in general.
    2. Restaurant. That took me forever to figure out but I finally did. I say it weird in my head so I can spell it out. Dumb. Where can I park my struggle bus? I’m not sure their is a space big enough.


Now that you’ve know the embarrassing parts of my mind and have heard me rant about words,*eye roll* tell me, what words do you mix up? Come on, you must have one. Make me feel better about myself. haha.


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