When I Finished My First Novel…

The emotions. After I wrote the final and last scene in my book that I’ve been working on for 5 years, I edited nonstop until I was ready to send it to some beta readers. I was so tired from days of editing I felt I could barely see straight. haha. As I sent it out to my beta readers, I felt completely impatient. I was completely on edge. If I’m being honest I felt unrealistic expecations. I wanted them to read it as soon as humanly possible so that I could hear everything they think about it. And now is the waiting game. I wait in silence for feedback, hoping that they like it. I’ve put years of hard work into this and I just want it to be great, ya know?

Now it’s time to wait and be patient. But also HURRY UP, PEOPLE. 😉

To help me stay distracted and productive while I wait for their comments and feedback, I have decided to start my second book. It is not a continuation of the first book’s story. It is a completely different book with new characters and a new genre. I will spill more about this later! And I find myself sometimes still thinking names of the first book’s characters as I write this second book. Honestly though, I think this book idea is pretty cool. So this should be interesting!

Are you a writer? How do you feel when you send your book’s first draft to be read? Nervous? Excited?




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