Getting Published

How to Choose a Publishing Route…no really, how?

Calling all writers/publishers/anyone who cares in the slightest out there. I am in a dilemma/conundrum. As some of you know, I have finished the first draft of my novel (YAY). Obviously I am extremely excited about this and can’t wait for the next step…PUBLISHING * jaw drops and uncontrollable giggles*.

I know, I need to be patient. It is not my strong suit. Eh. Anyway, as I “patiently” await for my beta reader copies to get back to me with virtual red ink all over them, I have been researching what publishing route is best for me. OMG. So many different ways you can do this. At least that’s what it feels like. Hence my reaction: “wut.” And I still am unsure.

not my photo BTW.







This is what I’ve learned so far…

Traditional Publishing:


+No upfront costs/minimal

+Can get into bookstores which is cool!


+Takes a long time (1.5 years give or take?!)

+If you get an agent, not guaranteed that you will then get published

+Loss of control


+All the control

+Can get it out there quickly


+No help – it’s all on the author

+Not in bookstores (usually)



*Hybrid Publishing:


+Potential for bookstores

+They provide you SOME of the aid a traditional publisher would

+Less expensive than self-publishing

+Some creative control still intact

+Happy medium between traditional and self-publishing


+Still a semi-new concept

+More expensive than traditional

**unsure about the timeline still with Hybrid Publishing**


What do you think? What route did you or would you choose? What are some things you would add to this list?




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