Starting a 2nd Novel While the 1st is Still Cookin’

When I wrote my first book, I handcrafted each character…the way they look, talk, think, feel, sound…everything about them came from my own hands. It is a really cool feeling, by the way. But as I finished the first draft of my novel and handed it off to my beta readers, I thought…what now?! So I decided, I might as well dive head first into my next book while I wait. Especially because I’m inpatient waiting for the feedback so starting on my second one is a good distraction. Plus the idea for my second novel really excites me and is totally different from the first so I was pumped.

But oh. No. It’s like each hand playing two different songs on the piano at the same time. The characters from my first book still stuck in my head. I’ve spent the past few YEARS writing about these characters. It was hard to move on to a world that does not involve them…new characters to create, a new world really as my second book is more fantasy/adventure. My first book was very close to what could happen in real life. It was more of a drama. Now I have to write about things that aren’t real at all and that could not happen! My brain kept thinking the character names from my first book! Anyway, the moral of the story is, I took a few days to step away from both stories and plan to start again on the second one soon. Maybe today?! Let’s hope it goes better this time around.
Cheers to moving on!


Do you ever feel this way when you start a new project?