Do Words Make You Feel?

As a writer, I feel like words have power. I think even those of us who do not write could agree with that. When we read words on a page, they can make us angry, heartbroken, nostalgic, joyous, thoughtful, confused…and the list goes on. Words can make us feel things. A single word can elicit emotion and response sometimes. Consider the words peace or freedom or love. These words might make you feel something. They have a connotative meaning. In other words, they hold emotion all on their own. But sometimes describing a word instead of using it can be really useful when writing. How does peace smell? If you could touch it how does it feel? If you could see it how would it look? To me, this is when literature really expands and opens itself into something truly amazing.

What do you think? Let me know!


Starting a 2nd Novel While the 1st is Still Cookin’

When I wrote my first book, I handcrafted each character…the way they look, talk, think, feel, sound…everything about them came from my own hands. It is a really cool feeling, by the way. But as I finished the first draft of my novel and handed it off to my beta readers, I thought…what now?! So I decided, I might as well dive head first into my next book while I wait. Especially because I’m inpatient waiting for the feedback so starting on my second one is a good distraction. Plus the idea for my second novel really excites me and is totally different from the first so I was pumped.

But oh. No. It’s like each hand playing two different songs on the piano at the same time. The characters from my first book still stuck in my head. I’ve spent the past few YEARS writing about these characters. It was hard to move on to a world that does not involve them…new characters to create, a new world really as my second book is more fantasy/adventure. My first book was very close to what could happen in real life. It was more of a drama. Now I have to write about things that aren’t real at all and that could not happen! My brain kept thinking the character names from my first book! Anyway, the moral of the story is, I took a few days to step away from both stories and plan to start again on the second one soon. Maybe today?! Let’s hope it goes better this time around.
Cheers to moving on!


Do you ever feel this way when you start a new project?


When I Finished My First Novel…

The emotions. After I wrote the final and last scene in my book that I’ve been working on for 5 years, I edited nonstop until I was ready to send it to some beta readers. I was so tired from days of editing I felt I could barely see straight. haha. As I sent it out to my beta readers, I felt completely impatient. I was completely on edge. If I’m being honest I felt unrealistic expecations. I wanted them to read it as soon as humanly possible so that I could hear everything they think about it. And now is the waiting game. I wait in silence for feedback, hoping that they like it. I’ve put years of hard work into this and I just want it to be great, ya know?

Now it’s time to wait and be patient. But also HURRY UP, PEOPLE. 😉

To help me stay distracted and productive while I wait for their comments and feedback, I have decided to start my second book. It is not a continuation of the first book’s story. It is a completely different book with new characters and a new genre. I will spill more about this later! And I find myself sometimes still thinking names of the first book’s characters as I write this second book. Honestly though, I think this book idea is pretty cool. So this should be interesting!

Are you a writer? How do you feel when you send your book’s first draft to be read? Nervous? Excited?




I’m a Writer & I Mix-up Words All. The. Time.

As a writer, you would think that I could get my words straight, that it would be pretty dang easy. Especially since it wasn’t all too long ago that I was in school, learning your vs you’re. Yet, after all these years I still misspell the simplest of words quite often or get them mixed up with completely different words. Sometimes I catch my spelling errors, other times I let spellcheck do it for me. Prepare for my frustrated rant on the English language and my own shortcomings. haha!

These are the top 3 words (not in order) I mixup or misspell most often when I write:

  1. Know vs. Now. You may be thinking to yourself, “how in the world do you get those mixed up?!” I HAVE NO IDEA. It baffles me. Obviously they don’t mean even close to the same thing. Duh. But as I was writing, just earlier today, I realized I put “know” where I meant “now.” HOW. ugh. I digress.
  2. You’re vs. Your. I was doing some initial self-edits before I sent my book to my beta-readers (BTW I FINISHED MY BOOK = YAY), and I used spell check and…omg…you wouldn’t believe how many times I mixed these up. Embarrassing. BUT at least I caught them before I sent out the beta copy. *nervous laughter*
  3. Its vs. It’s. Okay this one has haunted me for years. I CAN’T SEEM TO REMEMBER. Like, how confusing is that, one second an apostrophe means you own something and the next second it means “it is”. WUT. Again, thankful for spellcheck.
    1. BONUS WORDS: License. This word is stupid. Is it licsence. Is it lisence? Nope. It’s nothing what you think. But honestly, I hardly ever use this word in my writing. It just annoys me in general.
    2. Restaurant. That took me forever to figure out but I finally did. I say it weird in my head so I can spell it out. Dumb. Where can I park my struggle bus? I’m not sure their is a space big enough.


Now that you’ve know the embarrassing parts of my mind and have heard me rant about words,*eye roll* tell me, what words do you mix up? Come on, you must have one. Make me feel better about myself. haha.


3 Things That Matter to Me, Both as a Reader & a Writer

There are a few aspects that can really make a book go from good to great. And a lot of these same aspects, I try to prioritize in my own writing too! So here is my list of 3 Things That Matter to Me as a Reader AND a Writer.

To me, a book should:

1. Feel realistic.

This is not to say that I don’t like SciFi or Fantasy because I do, but I want the scene I’m reading to feel real. Like I’m there. Like it could happen right in front of me. I want to feel transported.

And that’s what I want to do for my readers too. When they read a scene, I want them to feel all the things they read like they are real! I’m not sure I do a good job of this but I make it one my top priorities when writing. So I am trying! This is where some trusted friends and family can provide some really great insight into what feels real and what doesn’t.

2. Make sense.

I don’t know about you but when a book is jumping all over the place, eventually I get tired of being confused. I know some people like the abstract or whatever else seems to confuse me but I need something I can follow. Sure, it can have twists and turns and a bunch of characters but sometimes books go over the top on this type of stuff and I can’t keep anything straight anymore! ha!

Same goes for when I write. This can be difficult because I get in my own head sometimes and what makes perfect sense to me may not to someone else. It may seem to them like it has missing pieces. Again, friends and family acting as my pre-editing crew is a huge help. They allow me to see the parts that don’t connect or give me confidence in parts that I worried over.

3. Draw me in (and keep me there).

I love when a book draws me in. When it draws me into the story so much that hours past without me even noticing. I can’t put it down. I take it with me everywhere in case I have a spare moment to read it. This type of book. *sighing with happiness*

These are the keepers, wouldn’t you agree? And they can be rare to come by. I really only like to give my time to a book if it can do this. That’s why this might be one of the most important aspects of any book. Because all else can fall underneath this. If a book draws me, then it likely meets all of my other “requirements” for a book.

This is what I like to see in the books I read and is also my hope for the book I’m currently writing. Give the characters enough depth that you want to, have to, know what happens to them next. Give the story a plot interesting enough for readers to grab ahold of.

What are some things you look for in a book? What aspects make up a good book in your opinion? Why are these aspects important to you?


P.S. Happy Friday!