Go Where the Wind Blows You

Y’all. I finished the first draft of my first book. (Some of you know this from reading my previous posts, sorry you’ve heard that a lot. haha) And that’s great! I’m so happy that I’m onto the next step. But also….that book was my BABY. It is my first “real” novel that I ever finished. Sure, I have 5-10 novels I’ve started over the past 10 years but those are ones I also abandoned. I never finished the story or maybe I never took it very far. I’ve been writing since I was in middle school and never had the determination or confidence to finish any of them. Until now! I know I had complete determination with this book. As I wrote, I knew I wanted this book to be finished, edited, marketed, and published. The whole 9-yards. I was and am determined.

Anyway, back to the fact that this book is my baby. So now that I’m in the editing process, waiting for feedback (which takes FOREVER…Patience is a virtue. *laughs nervously*), I am starting on my next book. OR SO I THOUGHT. I tried. I had, what I thought, was a great idea for my next novel. There was action and romance and sci-fi things that are impossible in real life and it was so cool!!! In my head it was! Then I tried writing it. Oh. My. If you write Sci-Fi, I give thee all the props because that is HARD. My first book is mostly drama and some romance. Everything that happens could really happen in real life. Alcoholism is real. Bad relationships are real. Falling in love is real. IT’S ALL REAL. Putting 10,000 words into my Sci-Fi novel was a struggle. I loved writing the dialogue and the descriptions of characters but so many things were hard for me to connect in the story line. So I decided to jump ship. But this time it is temporary. I hung a latter off the side and took a life boat. I will go back to that book someday and try again. Right now I think the books that want to be written by me are in a different genre. And that’s okay. I want to write books that want to be written. It is so hard to write books that don’t want to be written. It’s not enjoyable for the writer and that comes across on the pages, straight to the reader.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that I’m not giving up, but instead of fighting the wind in my sail, I’m letting it blow me in the direction it wants to go. Maybe the winds will shift in the future and I can try again. As for now, I’m starting a new book. That’s where the wind blows me. And I think it will be great! 🙂

Tell me about your own writing experiences! Or maybe your a reader – tell me what type of novels you enjoy reading. What’s one of your favorites?



Do Words Make You Feel?

As a writer, I feel like words have power. I think even those of us who do not write could agree with that. When we read words on a page, they can make us angry, heartbroken, nostalgic, joyous, thoughtful, confused…and the list goes on. Words can make us feel things. A single word can elicit emotion and response sometimes. Consider the words peace or freedom or love. These words might make you feel something. They have a connotative meaning. In other words, they hold emotion all on their own. But sometimes describing a word instead of using it can be really useful when writing. How does peace smell? If you could touch it how does it feel? If you could see it how would it look? To me, this is when literature really expands and opens itself into something truly amazing.

What do you think? Let me know!

Getting Published

How to Choose a Publishing Route…no really, how?

Calling all writers/publishers/anyone who cares in the slightest out there. I am in a dilemma/conundrum. As some of you know, I have finished the first draft of my novel (YAY). Obviously I am extremely excited about this and can’t wait for the next step…PUBLISHING * jaw drops and uncontrollable giggles*.

I know, I need to be patient. It is not my strong suit. Eh. Anyway, as I “patiently” await for my beta reader copies to get back to me with virtual red ink all over them, I have been researching what publishing route is best for me. OMG. So many different ways you can do this. At least that’s what it feels like. Hence my reaction: “wut.” And I still am unsure.

not my photo BTW.







This is what I’ve learned so far…

Traditional Publishing:


+No upfront costs/minimal

+Can get into bookstores which is cool!


+Takes a long time (1.5 years give or take?!)

+If you get an agent, not guaranteed that you will then get published

+Loss of control


+All the control

+Can get it out there quickly


+No help – it’s all on the author

+Not in bookstores (usually)



*Hybrid Publishing:


+Potential for bookstores

+They provide you SOME of the aid a traditional publisher would

+Less expensive than self-publishing

+Some creative control still intact

+Happy medium between traditional and self-publishing


+Still a semi-new concept

+More expensive than traditional

**unsure about the timeline still with Hybrid Publishing**


What do you think? What route did you or would you choose? What are some things you would add to this list?




Starting a 2nd Novel While the 1st is Still Cookin’

When I wrote my first book, I handcrafted each character…the way they look, talk, think, feel, sound…everything about them came from my own hands. It is a really cool feeling, by the way. But as I finished the first draft of my novel and handed it off to my beta readers, I thought…what now?! So I decided, I might as well dive head first into my next book while I wait. Especially because I’m inpatient waiting for the feedback so starting on my second one is a good distraction. Plus the idea for my second novel really excites me and is totally different from the first so I was pumped.

But oh. No. It’s like each hand playing two different songs on the piano at the same time. The characters from my first book still stuck in my head. I’ve spent the past few YEARS writing about these characters. It was hard to move on to a world that does not involve them…new characters to create, a new world really as my second book is more fantasy/adventure. My first book was very close to what could happen in real life. It was more of a drama. Now I have to write about things that aren’t real at all and that could not happen! My brain kept thinking the character names from my first book! Anyway, the moral of the story is, I took a few days to step away from both stories and plan to start again on the second one soon. Maybe today?! Let’s hope it goes better this time around.
Cheers to moving on!


Do you ever feel this way when you start a new project?